I-WAVER    9’0’’ x 31’’ x 4 ¾’’

This is a specific wave program developed by Reptile Sup.Designed specifically to start riding waves. With a special narrow nose, tail and increased nose rocker, the I-Rider is easy paddlers and can catch waves on demand. With 31” width it allows more fin grip and make them a little more surf orientated. It will also allow you to do bottom and top turns almost as if you were using a composite board.


SIZE: 9’0’’x 31’’ x 4 ¾ ‘’

VOLUME: 150 lt.

FINS: 1 x single fin US + 2 x side fins

Inflation Valve on the nose

 2 Steel D Ring , one on the top tail, one on the bottom nose

 New Reptile HP2 hand pump

 Inflatable 15-18 PSI


If Reptile Dealer not available in your Country.